Bad Credit Car Loans – Guaranteed Automotive Credit – Springfield Missouri

Bad Credit Car Loans for Springfield MO 65802 and Bolivar MO 65613 – Auto Loans for people with bad credit

Looking for a Used car dealer in Springfield MO that offers car loans for people with Bad Credit?

Never Say No Auto is a leading used car dealer specializing in helping people who need an auto loan. If you think you have a bad, or low credit rating, and have been turned down in the past, we will get you approved.

Springfield MO – Give us a call at 417-862-8444

Bolivar MO – Give us a call at 417-777-7810

Do you have bad credit?

We have partnered with a lender to be able to offer Guaranteed Credit Approvals for everyone. To help you rebuild or re-establish your credit we will report your payment history to all 3 credit reporting agencies.

We have made a difference.

Our bad credit car loans have helped thousands of people get the vehicle they need for everyday life. We overcome problems by providing fast, non-threatening car loans for people with bad credit.

We help car buyers with bad credit get a fast credit approval giving them a second chance to rebuild their credit. We offer instant credit approvals and we have partnered with several auto loan financing companies to ensure each person gets the best car loan, even with a bad payment history.

No matter what your profile is, we can help. We work with people who have good, fair, bad, or no previous payment history. We can help with situations such as multiple bankruptcies, multiple repossessions outside of bankruptcy at different times, currently delinquent on all existing obligations, repossessions less than one year old, or history of writing bad checks over a long period of time.

Bad Credit or No Credit Car Loans

If you’re a car buyer in the market for a no credit car loan, chances are you may be tempted to go to one of those BUY HERE PAY HERE dealers and settle for a older, higher mileage, low quality vehicle only to find out that this vehicle needs very expensive mechanical work only to fall behind on your payments which can lead to a repossession.

Never Say No Auto offers newer, low mileage vehicles with affordable payment plans and 2 or 3 year service contracts that you can take your car to any ASE certified mechanic. With our financing options we set you up for success.

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