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Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Car

The long haul of winter has finally come to an end and spring is officially here. The dawning of spring can inspire us to refresh and renew many aspects of our lives. Our homes and wardrobes often get a spring-inspired overhaul, but our cars can also benefit from revitalization as the seasons change. Here is our list of the top spring cleaning tips for your car to help you freshen up your ride!

  • Take a Stiff Brush to Mats & Carpet
    After the build-up of harsh winter grime, your mats and carpet will need a deep clean. For the best results, start with a stiff brush to remove and loosen the dirt from the material. This will allow you to remove all the dirt and debris, especially the remnants trapped within the carpet fibers.
  • Vacuum & Gently Brush Interior Surfaces
    Using a gentle, fine-bristled brush, you can brush any dust and dirt off the surfaces of your car. Use this on ventilation areas, buttons, the crevices in seat cushions to remove all dirt in the nooks and crannies of your car’s interior. Vacuum to completely remove all the dirt from these areas. Remove all the trash, like empty bags or cups, and throw them in the trash or recycling bin to free your car from clutter.
  • Organize Interior
    Organize the items you store in your car, putting gum, sunglasses, garage clickers and other items in their respective storage places to create order. Clean out the debris from your glove box and make sure all trash is thrown away. Top off all this deep cleaning and organization with an air freshener for aromatic therapy.
  • Clean the Trunk
    A lot of useless stuff may pile up in your vehicle trunk during winter. When the grass turns green, there will be empty fluid bottles and many winter items you no longer need. It’s time to collect all the rubbish and recycle it when possible. Make some space for new things and don’t forget to shake the trunk carpet liner.
  • Look Under Hood
    This is a place where all the dirt that can harm your engine gets trapped. A clean engine undeniably extends the life of your vehicle as well as prevents any further mechanical issues. When cleaning under the hood, make sure the engine is off.
  • Wash the Exterior
    A delicate and smooth wash is the best option for your car’s exterior, creating a sleek look without damaging your car’s paint. A hand wash is typically the best option for a detailed and gentle cleaning. Using a carwash solution instead of dish or household soap gives your car a good clean while preserving the natural finish. After you wash and rinse your car, try using a rubber squeegee tool to remove excess water. Removing the water instead of letting it air-dry helps to remove potential minerals or dirt that water and cleaning may leave. These few details can leave your car with a professional shine.
  • Wash Tires
    When washing your tires, use non-acid products to get a good clean without damaging the tires with harsh chemicals. Use a stiff brush to remove any tough grime that has worked its way into your tires, and something small, like a toothbrush, can be a useful tool to reach the smaller areas in your tire. All-over cleanliness, without damaging chemicals, will leave your tires in great shape.
  • Use a Microfiber Cloth & Cleaner for Windows
    Clean your windows last in order to prevent them getting dirty from cleaning other parts of the car. Try to avoid using glass cleaner which can be too harsh for car windows – find a cleaner without ammonia to best clean and protect them. To avoid leaving towel marks, streaks, or spots, use a microfiber cloth and enjoy a sleek and blemish-free clean. One more thing; don’t forget to roll your windows down and remove all the grime and oil that collects at the top of your window. And this will top off your deep spring clean!


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