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4 Reasons Not to Buy Your Car Remotely

Remote car buying isn’t new, but now because of the coronavirus outbreak, more people are interested in finding ways to buy a new car without ever leaving home. Now we understand how this sounds convenient but there are significant issues and risks when buying remote. Here are 4 reasons to think twice before buying a car remotely.

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The Car is Different Than You Expected

You’d be shocked by all of the negative customer reviews you’ll read from dissatisfied customers who bought from one of the national remote car buying options. But you’d never know based on the way these companies make all of their vehicles look perfect. In actuality, the practices they utilize are incredibly deceptive. Customers are often delivered vehicles with dings, scratches, and other issues that were not initially disclosed. Another common issue with these remote car-buying companies is that you can often receive a vehicle that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned and smells like cigarettes. Not to mention possible mechanical failures, broken equipment, or repairs that should have been made.

Delivery Issues

When you buy a car remotely you have to schedule an appointment for the delivery. Unfortunately, it’s common practice for these deliveries to be delayed or canceled with no regard for your schedule. It’s also possible that the vehicle is delivered to the wrong address causing a serious issue that must be resolved.

Financing Confusion

Most of the large remote car dealerships work with large faceless, financing corporations who don’t care about your individual situation. Also, since you are not typically working with one specific salesman you can often receive contradicting or various information about your financing. You’ll find plenty of reviews online talking about missing payments, or people who were misrepresented on the exact financing terms of their vehicle.

Customer Service is Terrible

When you have a problem that needs to be resolved the process can be extremely frustrating. Often you only have a 7-day return time frame to receive a full refund. When dealing with a big faceless company you are more likely to get the run around than a clear answer. Also, it’s possible for you to get one answer from a customer service representative and then a different answer when you call back. Typically you don’t deal with the same people throughout your purchase.

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